Our Weekend and Other Items

Our first show has only been out a week.  Karen(cutie pie 604) and I(arthurat) are impressed and humbled by the initial response.  Thank you for listening!

This past weekend, Karen, the Crew, and I did an afternoon hunt in Broomfield. For many of the attendees, this was their first Geocaching opportunity.  Every one had a great time.   I hope to have audio of our afternoon on the next show.

Also on the next program:

I attempted a first to find (FTF) on Friday, with strange results.

Sharpening the Geocaching ‘saw’.

Geocaching news.  …and more.

We plan on attending the Geocaching Colorado Geo-Chat 2008
on Saturday.  Our time of arrival will depend on when a midday Scout event concludes.  If we can’t attend, we will schedule a interview with an officer of Geocaching Colorado

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First show

Welcome to our first show.  We briefly cover the show objectives and possible topics in the coming weeks.  We look forward to hearing from you and make this a great podcast.