CSG Show #17 – Stargates

We are dodging severe weather in June
Tornado over Scout Camp in Elbert County CO ( Taken by our Son)
Flickr Photo Set
Groundspeak – How to handle missing trackables
Groundspeak Application for Windows Mobile (currently in beta)
Follow-up on Map My Hike (I referred to it as Track My Hike, oops)
Follow-up on additional logging requirements and a casuality due their elimination
Listener e-mail
Return of the former Maine Podcache
Geocaching with Geosphere iphone app
Garmin Dakota – is this the time to buy a older model?
Stargate Caches
Geowoodstock VIII
Geocaching Pop Quiz
Follow-up on our first two nano shows
Events in Colorado

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CSG Nano Show #3

News that came in just after we finished recording Show #17 Groundspeak released v2.1 of the Geocaching iphone app.


CSG Nano Show #2

In this nano episode, Art talks about the textmarks feature and why you may not want to update Twitter via this feature


CSG Nano Show #1

In the first in the series of Nano shows, Art discusses a Geocaching Ethics question. Should you log a geocache if you witnessed its placement