CSG Show #43 – All right, Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my closeup

A first for our podcast.  Our daughter produced a ‘Making of…’ video

Behind the scenes part 1
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Listener feedback
Website: geocachers.co.nz
Message: Hi
We have had a major earchquake in Christchurch NZ with loss of life
I have a new coin being made and all profits will be going to the appeal could you PLEASE PLEASE help with this and advertise and tell everyone
You may email or call me for more information
The link to the product is http://www.geocachers.co.nz/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_17&products_id=127

Name: DudleyGrunt
Website: New Geocache to Help Christchurch Earthquake Victims
Message: TerraCaching has listed a new Locationless Cache to help promote donations to relief efforts for the Christchurch, NZ quake.  I hope the following information will be of interest to you and that you’ll be able to share this with your listeners.

The cache is Christchurch Earthquake Relief (LC7P2)


From the TerraCaching forums:

An important new Locationless Cache was just posted, designed to encourage Terracaching members to donate to the relief effort for victims of last week’s Christchurch earthquake. All you need to do to claim this LC is to donate at least $5.00 US / 4.00 Euro / $7.00 NZ / or your local equivalent to an organization supporting the relief effort. In addition, Terracaching management [Cash108] has pledged to donate an additional $5.00 for each of the first 100 finders of this LC. Let’s see if we can make cash108 donate all of that $500 to this cause!

From the cache page:

Most of you know that the city of Christchurch, New Zealand was devastated on Tuesday afternoon by a 6.3 magnitude aftershock, some six months and 5000 aftershocks since the initial 7.1 magnitude earthquake last September. That first earthquake did not cause any fatalities, but this recent one occurred near the central city during a busy lunchtime. At this writing, more than 144 are know to have died, and at least that many more are still missing. Buildings in this historic city continue to crumble, hampering rescue efforts, and the city’s water supply has been destroyed, leaving Christchurch’s nearly 400,000 urban residents with no drinking water as well as no power.

This would be a disaster in any country, but in a nation as small as New Zealand, such a tragedy is overwhelming. This Locationless Cache was created to encourage all of you to make a contribution to earthquake relief. All you need to do to claim this cache is to make a donation of at least $5.00 US, or 4.00 Euro, or your local equivalent, to one of the organizations below, or to any other similar agency. Just make the donation, then post your log here.

Donations can be made directly through the organizations found at THIS WEB SITE. In particular, the New Zealand Red Cross site accepts credit cards from around the world. The donation there wll be in New Zealand dollars, so you need to contribute $7.00 NZ to meet the $5 US requirement above. There is also a specially designed Christchurch quake geocoin available, from which all profits will go to the Red Cross’ official quake appeal. Buying one of these geocoins also qualifies you for this cache. Check it out HERE.

Terracaching management also wants to help the people of New Zealand To that end, cash108 will make an additional donation of $5.00 for each of the first 100 Found It logs posted to this LC. Let’s see if we can find enough Terracachers out there to take him up on all $500!

We are particularly happy that we’re the ones to post this Locationless Cache. We spent 2 days in Christchurch 5 years ago during a trip to South Island. While we were driving around the island, we did dozens of LCs, and Havelock, NZ gave us the idea for our World Capitals LC.

URL : http://chrispine.blogspot.com/
I have just whatever I have needed thrown into a knapsack for geocaching. Much of what you mentioned I also have. I keep a roll of the camo duct tape in there. I also will sometimes make some small pieces of duct tape folded over on itself, about a foot length piece and even sometimes use these as a inexpensive tradable. (Of course only taking of similar value. These have proven to come in handy more than once. I also carry “wet wipes” (Baby wipes they are cheaper) 🙂   These are not only useful to clean your hands they are great cache cleaners. 🙂
Of course the many different plastic bags and various sizes old new logs. I have actually replaced logs that were full in caches and then emailed then emailed the owner to see if he wanted the full log. So far this has meet with only positive responses.
Of course extra pens and pencils.. Even doing this it seems I end up at caches with no writing instrument. 🙂

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