CSG Show #44 – Vegas Feelin’ the Heat on the ET Highway Trail

Art and Karen catch up on all things in the world of geocaching and GPS.  Including a follow-up to the closure of the ET Highway powertrail, 

CSRN event recap

Look for multiple video podcasts in the near future

Cachers of the Roundtable appearence on 4/7 – Topic: responsible caching
Geocaching.com updates

Geocoinfest US 2011

Another episode of ‘Don’t trust your GPS’

Geocaching Calculator for Android Phones

Lightsquared update on testing plans
Three possible outcomes

…and you thought having Homer Simpson’s voice on your GPS was bad.

Opencachng.com updates – saved searches
Opencaching.com e-mail notifications
Custom Opie reverse on pathtags

No such thing as a gps implant

Nine uses of a GPS you didn’t know about

GoogleTrail – Garmin custom map generator

Geocaching Merit Badge coins for sale

Las Vegas review Journal follow-up on closure of ET Highway Trail

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