CSG Show #051 – Park It! (50:50)

Art and Karen discuss cache placement and rules for various park services in and around Colorado.

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CSG Show #050 – Winter caching (58:53)


Seattle Times Geocaching winners

Winter caching hints from Facebook Geocaching Colorad0 page

Additional winter caching tips
Know your limitations
Proper clothing
Outdoor survival gear is more important then cache repair gear.
Keep the car gas tank full.
Tea candles in a car can provide enough heat to keep warmLet at least three people know exactly where you are going and when you will be back
Get a Colorado Rescue Card for each participant
Once you are outside the interstate corridor, be aware that phone service is likely to be spotty. Have a alternate method of emergency communication. (Spot communicator as an example)
Keep mobile phone powered down until needed
Plains weather could be rougher then mountain weather. Blowing snow is a danger issue, even if it is not snowing.
Work on solving puzzlesTrackables as stocking stuffers
The Survival Podcast Pathtag
Cache Advance
Coins and Pins.com
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Saving Your Money Podcast #002 – Time to consider a CSA (55:24)

 $100 Outback giftcard purchase $20 one free

Noodles and CO $25 gift card get free noodle sandwich duo

All those gimmes on credit cards, Are they Worth it?
A one year warranty one purchases, saving on insurance when renting a car, shopping discounts
the average savings is 65 cents. or .65% I bet your interest rate is a whole lot more than that. Save yourself the aggravation shop with cash. Nov 5, 2011 Parade  Magazine Ramit Sethi author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

Now is the time to stock up on pantry supplies. Baking supplies are rarely any less expensive than they are just before Thanksgiving. The sale prices will usually beat the Warehouse stores 50 pound bag prices.

In addition to baking supplies paper goods are also on sale and there are coupons about for them. This is in response to the holiday parties.

buy a $25 gift card from Annie’s heirloom seeds and get a $5 certificate for yourself

Murdochs buy a $30 gift card for $25 gift cards can only be used after 12/25

Applebee’s $10 gift card for $50 purchase

4 $5 Starbucks cards qualified you for an additional $5 card. purchase online.

4% gas points King Soopers 20 gallons about $8
Safeway $10 GC for a $100 purchase of cards and 1% $2 plus $10 = $12

Walgreens Jingle cash is back
$5 for $30
$10 for $50
$15 for $75
$20 FOR $100

Eating seasonally
What is in the store today Root veggies, leading to soups not salads, Greens are out of season
Time to Consider a CSA Community Supported Agriculture
Links EatAbbo.com, Miller Farms, Grant farms
Check out CSA in your area. Local Harvest
A fixed price gave us a season of produce that we ate and put up. We are eating these now an have evened out our grocery bill as a result.
Purchasing a side of beef, a pig or a sheep is another option. That and a freezer will let you even out your grocery bills while giving your family great food that has not been processed to death.
the only thing that we now purchase on a regular basis is dairy in the grocery store as everything from bread to Salsa can be made at home.

local dirt Buy, Sell, and Find local food

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