Falling Skies Podcast S5E4 – Pope Breaks Bad

baldpopePope loses it in this episode.  We focus on grief as the main theme and how it effects several characters this week.  Some have closure and other go off the deep end.   Karen and Art disagree if Pope makes it beyond the next episode?  Is Collin Cunningham glad he doesn’t have to wear that wig.  Who is more mentally imbalanced? Pope or Tom.  Why can the new alien occupy the same space as Tom?  Who else will die next week?

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Falling Skies Podcast S5E3 – Hatchlings

sarawithlegsWe say goodbye to three characters in this episode.  Sara was the surprise, but we were promised that there would be major character deaths this season.  The major setups for the balance of the season will be the conflict between Pope and Tom, the trip to Fayetteville, and the trip to Washington, DC.  Will the final scene be an overlord sitting in the Oval Office.  I guess if Tom failed to slap the insect in the first episode, He would be eaten alive?  Again, we see the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.  Borrowed a bit from the movie “Aliens” and the nursery. If Pope carried appropriate backpack essentials, He would have had a fire starter, just sayin’.

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Falling Skies Podcast S5E2 – Hunger Pains

skitterchickenIn this episode, Art and Karen learn that skitters do not taste like chicken.  Why is it the person who could go the longest without eating always in the front of the food line? Will the new problem for the 2nd Mass be something small.  Matt has a girlfriend, will he have a better outcome? Why is Anne talking about having a baby when the whole compound may not live another day? Pope knows how to cook a gourmet dinner.   Anthony blows up the food pantry, but suffers no punishment.  NO cats were harmed in the making of this episode.  Tonight’s episode was brought to you by Pringles and Hostess Ding Dongs.

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The Falling Skies Podcast S5E1 – Find Your Warrior

findyourwarriorSeason 5 starts with the rehash of same themes from prior seasons.  Have the new showrunners not looked at prior work?  We have been promised a few things this season. 1) Why was there an invasion?  There will be major character deaths.  Is the Hal, Ben,and Maggie triangle run its course? What is now replacing the eye worms from prior seasons.  Do we have a new alien species?  Is Matt becoming a ‘ladies man’? Will all heck break loose when Tom and Anne have a fight? Stay tuned as we review the final episodes of this series.  Will the ending be up to out standards?