70 Days of Geocaching – Day 13

TEAM_CSG’s quest to fill in month/day combinations where we have never found a geocache.

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS)receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world. (Source: Wikipedia)

Tonight was a challenge. Cold weather, ice, and dark.  The 60 degree temperatures promised do not materialized until later this week.

Caches Attempted

The Log Cache – <Begin Rant> Dear Cache Owner If you know that your cache is missing, please disable the listing.  Also setting an owner maintenance log IMPLIES you have fixed the problem, not that you PLAN to fix the problem. <End Rant>

Fabulous Four – After a tasty dinner prepared by the her half of the team, I headed out and hoped that this regular size cache would be a quick find.  But, alas, no luck.  I do not know if it was the lighting or the snow cover.  Will need to try this another time.

Cache found

JADE LOVES WAL #10 – As a last attempt, I headed back to the local Wal-Mart and grabbed this cache that is a tribute to excessive shopping.  Sometimes a lamp skirt can be your friend.

Trackables Visited


Founder’s Pirate Tag – Art’s Key Ring

EV5 DEC Alpha

Trackables grabbed – None

Trackables Dropped – None

Next date to complete – February 16, 2014