70 Days of Geocaching – Day 2

Day 2 of the 70 days of Geocaching

Our adventure to fill in calendar dates where we have never found a cache.

I returned to work after the long Christmas break. I took the lunch hour and traveled by light rail from downtown Denver to the Broadway light rail station.  The challenge for this cache was trying to figure out how to get out of the parking lot and cross the cluster of roads where Broadway and Lincoln meet with I-25.

Once I arrived, the hiding location was fairly obvious. The guard rail is against the abandoned building, and I was able to find it quickly.  This cache also had a bonus of a Munzee , so a two for one made this trip worthwhile.

Day 2 – CPINE’s Guard Rail Cache

Trackables Visited

Founder’s Pirate Tag – Art’s Key Ring

EV5 DEC Alpha

Trackables Grabbed – None

Trackables Dropped – None

Next date to complete – January 4, 2014