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70 Days of Geocaching – Day 7


TEAM_CSGs quest to fill in month/day combinations where we have never found a cache.

Once again, a challenging day.  I did not get started until late in the day as we were finishing recording to two podcasts.  As we were losing daylight, the team headed out.

Caches not found

Where the doggies roam…  Our first attempt on this cache.  With the sun setting, We tried this one first as the parking area is marked as being closed and locked at dusk.  From the parking area, it was a sloppy half mile walk to ground zero.  A through  look at the logical hiding area turned up nothing. The prairie dogs mocked us as we left.

Leaving Las Vegas Just In Time.  Second attempt on this one with no success.  As stated in prior posts, sometimes the ones that should be simple stump us. An additional sting as a new cacher logged it as found the same day.

Cache found

SNAKE!  It was a 2/10 mile walk from the Las Vegas cache to this one.  With a 2/2 raiting, We expected a bit of work.  At ground zero, the cache was out in the open.  We signed the logbook and the returned the cache to where we found it and covered it with the natural materials in the area.  Another day ticked off the list.

Trackables Visited


Founder’s Pirate Tag – Art’s Key Ring

EV5 DEC Alpha

Trackables grabbed – None

Trackables Dropped – None

Next date to complete – January 21, 2014