About the Centennial State Geocaching Podcast

Geocaching in Colorado is an adventure in
Travel. Centennial State Geocaching hosts a podcast where we paint the mind’s
eye with colorful vistas and friendly people.

Adults and Children have great fun hiking the streets and trails of
The Centennial State in search of the treasure that only Geocaching can bring.
Join Art and Karen as we explore Colorado and neighboring states with the goal
of Geocaching fun. We have also explored New Mexico, Arizona and the not so
near Hawaii. To bring you what Geocaching has to offer we use our Garmin GPS
receivers to make finds in the diverse landscape in Colorado.

We have worked with several groups while Geocaching including Rocky
Mountain Orienttering Club
for land navigation. Boy Scouts have invited us
to place caches on their properties for their program opportunities. We are
hoping to work with more State and Civic groups in the future.


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  1. my 1st time was an accident. I was like WT heck is that under? that rock up on this monatuin? Im all about it now!! The best part of G.C. ing for me is to see people find one of my hides, its on the edge of our land. peace yall!

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