CSG Nano Show #1

In the first in the series of Nano shows, Art discusses a Geocaching Ethics question. Should you log a geocache if you witnessed its placement


2 thoughts on “CSG Nano Show #1”

  1. Well, I was going to state Archos, but it appears that you’ve aerlady looked into it. As far as I know, the Archos 5 Internet Tablet is the only non-phone device that runs Android and has built in GPS. I have it’s predecessor, the Archos 5, and I am thrilled with it. You could also purchase a used gps-enabled smartphone, and not activate it. If you get a Windows Mobile device, you could add programs easily via USB. In fact, I’ve got an old HTC Mogul that works great as a PPC, has wi-fi, bluetooth, and gps built in that I’ll let go for cheap if you’re interested in experhymenting with it.

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