CSG Show #23 – Case Closed

Case closed on Denver bookworm #3 – Karen meets Molly Hughes

Flickr Photo Set

DARPA Network Challenge

Goodbye to Mrs Beasley, hello to Bethsheba

Art and Karen get a preview of the Get in the Game packet

Colorado Podcasters Meetup on 12/8/09

Karen – organic taste test

Geocaching Podcast Ep130 on our last show

Feedback on Ep 22 web scraping from geocacher searchjaunt

EarthTrek – The global citizen science program

New officers for 2010 at Geocaching Colorado

The results of the election are as follows:

President: Bad Andy

VP: Shaun of starnsun

Secretary: Ali of The Green Cat

Treasurer: Sharon of Dasha Aussies

Ad Hoc: chefstern

Ad Hoc: Chris of Team Laxson

Joe Friday automatically moves from the current President
position to Past President.

Good Luck to the new board.

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One thought on “CSG Show #23 – Case Closed”

  1. haha her reaction is so weasome! I totally loved that feeling when I found my first cache..you go into it? thinking it’s no big deal but when you actually find it it’s like winning a jackpot or something LOL

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