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CSG Show #26 – I’m Andy Willoughby, and how in the world are you anyway?

Karen at the Nebraska border

Art and Karen make a weekend run up I-76 into Nebraska.  Every third commercial on the radio was from Andy Willoughby.

Flickr Photo set

CES new GPS receivers

DeLorme PN-60w

Garmin EcoRoute HD

Garmin Voice Studio

Geocaching 101 tip – smellables (Art was focused on the next agenda item and missed Karen mentioning film as a smellable. He got 20 lashes with a wet noodle after the recording.)

Our trip to NE Colorado and Nebraska for DeLorme Challenge Pages

Letterboxing: Outdoors game thrive on mystery – News article

Geocaching and tthe Vancouver Winter Olympics

Government killing off LORAN-C navigation system, deems GPS good enough

Garmin introduces Birds Eye satellite imagery

iphone and andrion apps that help name peaks – from gpstracklog.com

Rocky Mountain Geocaching Academy 2010

geocaching.com look and feel updates

New earthcache guidelines published

Centennial State Geocaching Amazon Store

Events in Colorado
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