CSG Show #27 – Spuds MacKenzie

Art has a flashback to the 1980’s as he talks about the super party animal Spuds MacKenzie.

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One thought on “CSG Show #27 – Spuds MacKenzie”

  1. Hey caught your show hot off the press today. I left a comment on Arts Examiner article, a while back, about the coming Geocaching Academy. I hope I get a chance to meet you at the function! Would be nice to finally make that happen.
    Not sure of you are aware of the local banter between some cachers and caches . It started with this cacher, “daschpeeg” (GC1YMH2) and his extremely creative alien caches. Well this cacher,”The Green Cat & Snuggly Kitten”, got involved with this cache: (GC1J7F8) then the banter started shortly afterwards between the Penquins and the Aliens invading the planet and who was going to do what. I found it very amusing and as a Johnny come lately I got involved ths past week (GC23J9E) and (GC23J9J).
    I certainlyl bow to the other two’s creativity with there cache pages etc. But it is a lot of fun telling the stories that go along with this and making it progress. Just fyi, do whatever you want or nothing at all. Enjoy a chuckle as you look at there cache discriptions.

    As always great job with teh show!

    I Like the new website!

    Pffft! Everyone knows who Spuds MacKenzie is! (God rest His Soul!)

    See you on the trail!


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