CSG Show #28 – But the GPS said to go that way

Recording on a snowy Valentine’s Day.  Cuddle up with your significant other and enjoy the show.

We also kick off our third year of providing you the information you need to make your geocaching experience the best.

Geocaching 101 – How to rate a geocache

Google maps Street view catches a geocacher logging a find

Southwestern Michigan Herald-Palladium atrticle on inexpensive winter activities

SPOT messenger service has competition – PLB

A new definition of ‘Be Prepared’ in Boy Scouting – from the Atlantic City Press

GPS to be effected by solar activity

Fox 31 Denver article on GPS road to nowhere

Denver Channel article on Little Buddy GPS Best Buy link

New segment – Around the Water Cooler – Do cache runs spoil the enjoyment of geocaching? Let us know and we can discuss on the next show.

Geocaching in Space Jeremy speaks on the ISS cache

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