CSG Show #31 – terracaching and navicaching

Art and Karen review two geocaching sites that are not getting the attention they deserve.

Welcome new listeners from New Zealand

Listener feedback

Water cooler question for next show – what one piece of advice would you give a new cacher?

BSA geocaching Merit badge – feedback

Final official BSA geocaching merit badge requirements issued 4/12/2010

Girl Scout Merit Bage requirement for ‘Hi-tech hide and seek’

Follow-up of geocache ban in NC forests

Geocaching App for ipad

Darrylw4 review of Magellan Explorist GC



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3 thoughts on “CSG Show #31 – terracaching and navicaching”

  1. Great show! Thanks so much for reading my note on the show and then also discussing both Terracaching and Navicache in some detail. I’ve posted links in the forums of each site to encourage members to come over here and listen to the show.

    Dave / DudleyGrunt

  2. Nice show. I heard about the shout out to NC and checked out your podcast. I’ll have to listen to past episodes. You mentioned investigating other GPS game sites. Two you might want to look at is gpsgames.org, which has a lot of options, and geodashing.com. Geodashing is like a perpetual FTF race, where individuals or teams race to be the first to “dashpoints,” which are randomly generated around the globe for each game. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but it sounds interesting, especially for those who love the thrill of FTF.

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