CSG Show #42 – Garth speaks to his fans in Australia

A very unusual springlike day in Denver today.  We tore ourselves inside to record this episode just for you.

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2 thoughts on “CSG Show #42 – Garth speaks to his fans in Australia”

  1. I have just whatever I have needed thrown into a knapsack for geocaching. Much of what you mentioned I also have. I keep a roll of the camo duct tape in there. I also will sometimes make some small pieces of duct tape folded over on itself, about a foot length piece and even sometimes use these as a inexpensive tradable. (Of course only taking of similar value. These have proven to come in handy more than once. I also carry “wet wipes” (Baby wipes they are cheaper) 🙂 These are not only useful to clean your hands they are great cache cleaners. 🙂
    Of course the many different plastic bags and various sizes old new logs. I have actually replaced logs that were full in caches and then emailed then emailed the owner to see if he wanted the full log. So far this has meet with only positive responses.
    Of course extra pens and pencils.. Even doing this it seems I end up at caches with no writing instrument. 🙂

    Well looking forward to everyone else’s suggestions…

    Chris Pine

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