Falling Skies Podcast S5E6 – Respite

halladiesmanTom gets a taste of paradise this week as he is taken in by a family who have managed to remain isolated from the war.  The practical side of prepping is shown as the family has ?  But at least they have found the enigma code. power, running water, food, and ICE!!   In five seasons of this show, has the second mass not learned to touch Esphini technology. Do we now have a Hal/Maggie/Isabella love triangle?  We discuss the case of the disappearing/reappearing cornbread.  Will the 2nd Mass win the war with a collection of classic cars?  Will How will Weaver handle the fawning by Marty.  We found an interesting article on Moviepilot.com titled “Seven things we will miss about Falling Skies”.  Four episodes left.