ipod touch and paperless geocaching

For a post-Christmas gift to myself, I made the investment in a new 8 GB ipod touch. This was after watching the family enjoy their new Ipod touches on Christmas day. I discovered that I could replicate many of the business functions that I rely on with my Windows Mobile based PDA. The new Touch seems to function easier and with less effort then the PDA I was using.

However, the only application I have not been able to find in the Apple App Store is one that will import and use a geocaching GPX file. I hope someone can develop this App in the future (Bish0p, are you listening?) I would try this myself, but the developer kit is designed for Macs only.
However, I did discover a way to at least have a way to display cache listing on the ipod touch using a App called Air Sharing by Avatron Software. This App allow for viewing of various types of document files on the ipod Touch.
I’m also creating HTML export of caches from GSAK, then copying the folder into the app.
The Air Sharing application requires the use of a wireless or ADHOC wireless setup between the PC and the Touch.
Have a safe and enjoyable geocaching year in 2009.