JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #016 for Revolution 1.16 – The Love Boat

LoveBoatTitleLove…exciting and new.

Yes, we board The Love Boat this week, set a course for adventure and find out a new romance.

This episode does not star

Dana Andrews, Janet Blair, Morgan Brittany, Eve Plumb, Kim Richards, Marion Ross, Dan Rowan, and Skip Stephenson.  They were the guests on the 1982 episode that the opening song was drawn from.


Karl Urban cast for pilot on FOX Sci-Fi series


NBC picks up three Bad Robot Shows


Geek Magazine – Article on Revolution

Has Neville been neutered in the georgia Federation?

Does Victoria Secret still exists in this dojo?

Will Nora be pregnant?

Was Aaron the inspiration for the nanite technology?

Do we have another variant of the nanites in the seventh level? Is this Love Boat a step above a Carnival Cruise? Do you kill Miles when you have the chance or do you regroup for reinforcements?

Join Art and Karen as they discuss this and sing The Love Boat theme song.



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