JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #017 for Revolution 1.17 – The Longest Day

revolutionthelongestdayArt and Karen walk through the recent Revolution episode “The Longest Day”.  Monroe kills the last of his friends. Does he now realize his mistakes and will we see a new Monroe? Did this episode all but confirm that Miles is Charlie’s father?   Is the mole Miles? Will we see Flynn stage a coup in the Monroe republic? Art has some wild theories about the tower and will the next quest be humans vs. nanites? Will Rachel’s leg fall off if the power comes back on?

NBC schedule has Revolution moved to Wednesday

FOX releases trailer for Almost Human

Revolution season 2 filming/production to be in Texas.

Star Trek Into Darkness estimated at $80 million opening weekend.

 Art and Karen saw “Star Trek Into Darkness” this week.  Will have a full episode on it and would like your feedback. We also have a few giveaways.

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