JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #018 for Revolution 1.18 – Clue

clue imageIt was Col. Mustard in the Library with a lead pipe.

This week, Art and Karen review the latest from NBC’s show Revolution titled “Clue”. The season looks like it will finish at the Tower, but what will the cliffhanger be?  How will Miles and company find the tower now that Sanborn is dead?  Should Nora have recovered so quickly from her torture?

It was Miss Scarlet in the kitchen with a rope.

Will we find Rachel dead at the start of the next episode, or is the grenade a dud?  Who are the group watching Flynn and Monroe on the monitor?  Should Charlie be mad at Jason because he would bargain Miles’ life for her safety?  When Neville removed his weapons, did it remind you of a scene in “The Naked Gun” where George Kennedy empties his pockets of many weapons?

Article from BBC on nanites

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