JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #025 for Revolution 2.04 – Patriot Games

charliebarrevolutionYes, Art did manage to find an opening song about patriots.  OK, It was the New England Patriots.

We have feedback from Becky in Florida and King Arthur of the Britons.

Who can our heroes trust in the new world.  “Every occupation needs a good resistance” – Miles. It looks like we will finally have a real “Revolution”.  Will Aaron keep his sanity?  Was Art the only one to notice Charlies facial expressions mirrored Miles’?

The disclaimer at the beginning of the show confused Art.  What was intense in this episode that we have not seen in other episodes?  Will it be Cynthia or Gene as the next embedded patriot? When will the ‘government’ find Ken? Did everyone notice the ‘wink wink’ between Neville and the Secretary on Cook being ‘transferred’?  Remember to go to iTunes to provide feedback on this podcast. It will help with visibility.

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