JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #026 for Revolution 2.05 – One Riot, One Ranger

revolution one riot one rangerArt hosts the show solo as Karen is in Florida.  Now we know why Art has a co-host.

Links for the show:

Almost Human premiere moved to mid-November   – Is Fox worried about the show.  How many episodes will we get before the winter break

New writers for Episode 7 of Star Wars – Good news. A writer from ‘The Empire Strikes Back” joins the team with JJ as co-writers.

Exclusive: Zeljko Ivanek Joins Revolution – will his character be good or evil?

Will the relationship between Rachel and Charlie ever heal?

Is Allenford setting up Neville with the ambush?

Will Monroe’s plan to start a war work?

The tagline for the next episode is “This is the end of an era”  What does that mean?

The chattering teeth look in pretty good condition.

If the embrace between Miles and Charlie didn’t say “Father -Daughter”. I don’t Know what will.



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