JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #027 for Revolution 2.06 – Dead Man Walking

monroedeadKaren is out for another week, but She will be back next week.

The tagline for this episode was “An end of an Era”  But the question remains, “Is Monroe really dead?”  With the way this episode concluded, I expect some type of revival.

Gene is the “mole”, did Rachel figure this out before the execution?  When will we introduce Monroe’s son, now that we know the Miles has had him hidden all these years. We finally had the backstory on how Tom met Monroe.  Will Tom be able to deprogram his son?  Barry Tubb has guest stared the last two episodes as the Head Texas Ranger.  Do we remember when he was Wolfman in Top Gun?  Is the Neville/Allenford story line the weakest of this show?  What can we expect the next three weeks as we lead up to the winter finale?



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