JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #028 for Revolution 2.07 – The Patriot Act

RevolutionHorn Art and Karen break down a wall ‘Kool-aid’ style on this episode of the podcast.

Star Wars Episode VII set for December 18, 2015 release

Rachel drugs Monroe at the request of Charlie.  This is a great way to rebuild a mother/daughter relationship. Aaron seems to only be able to ‘extra crispy’ no more then two people at a time.  Now that Gene is out as the leak, will we see him go out in a redemptive blaze of glory? Is Cynthia all done with Aaron now that she has seen his power? What was that white powder Dr. Horn placed in his glass of water?  Is Horn the Caucasian Neville? With only two episode left until the winter break, what will the cliffhanger look like?

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