JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #029 for Revolution 2.08 – Come Blow Your Horn

aaronhornArt has actually forgiven Aaron for walking out on his first wife after this episode.  Cynthia had some nerve blaming him for killing her abusive husband.   We briefly discuss the start of Almost Human. Will you be watching?  Monroe had a light week after running off from protecting Aaron.  A brief shoutout to ‘Ghostbusters’.  We introduce a new Allenford and say goodbye to an old one. Nothing says love like shooting your wife for treason.  Art calls it correctly about Jason.  Rachel was willing to kill her father for the greater good.  Gene asks the group if anyone ever did anything bad in trying to do the right thing.  Next weeks episode will reveal ‘the mystery behind the power’. Is this the nanites, or the patriots? The Horn backstory makes him an almost sympathetic character. Who is now ‘extra crispy’ in the vault?


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