JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #032 for Almost Human 1.03 – Are You Listening?

Die_hardArt and Karen review the movie “Die Hard”.  This episode was almost taken scene by scene from that holiday classic.  All that was missing was “Yippie, kai yea” and Argile, the chauffeur. we tried to like this episode, but other than the Kennex and Dorian connection there is not a lot left compelling to this show.  We try to figure out what would make this show better, but are not coming up with anything then having a “Fringe” guest star of the week.  In the future, no one remembers Elton John.  If Kennex’s leg needs to be charged nightly, we we have an episode where it runs out of power? Why do we not have self-driving cars?  Is it safe to drive without a lid on your coffee cup?  we explore these issues and more, send us your thoughts.

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