JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #033 for Almost Human 1.04 – The Bends

almosthumanrudydapper Rudy is looking stylin’ this week as he goes undercover to help John and Dorian.

Links mentioned today

Bret Michaels to guest star on Revolution

JJ Abrams admits mishandling of keeping Khan secret

STAR TREK 3 News: Screenwriters J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay Join Roberto Orci Sans Alex Kurtzman

After we finished the last episode, The show 60 minutes had a piece on Amazon and their proposed delivery by drone.

Never eat anything that screams at you.  Art plays the theme song from “Sea Hunt”.  Is Paul going to be the “Debbie Downer” of this show? Rudy no longer can keep a low profile after blowing his cover. We had a number of  ’44 minute’  leaps in the story this week. Why haven’t they  invented a gun that can make its own bullets? This episode was better then the last.

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