JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #034 for Almost Human 1.05 – Blood Brothers

AlmosthumankendollBelieve – show runner changes

This episode of Almost Human contains full-frontal nudity.  Viewer discretion is advised.

We discuss if there will be a possible romance between Kennex and Stahal. Can robots be sex offenders? We should not have been surprised that Dorian was anatomically correct as he was the foundation for sexbots. Rudy will be the “Nurse Danko” of the series.  Moldanado finally gets enough strong story time that we can see Lili Taylor act.  Are the stories better when they have humor.  Why are the MX models taking showers?  Will Dorian and Kennex be sharing an apartment in the future and will we have a futuristic “Odd Couple”?  Will a 1.9 weekly rating keep this show on the air?  Should Fox have scheduled this instead of Brooklyn None-nine after the Super Bowl?

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