JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #042 for Almost Human 1.09 – Unbound

AlmostHumanDanicaThe question of the week is….. What is behind the Wall??

Sally Forth comic strip references Fringe

Leonard Nimoy announces he has COPD

We now think this is the last  ‘out of order’ episode in the series.   There were a lot of setups in this episode that were revealed in future episode (Sex bots, Kennex’s determining what childern should see) .

Gina Careno guests as Danica. John Larroquette appears as Dr. Nigel Vaughn.  Will we see him before season end.

Karen was extremely frustrated with this episode.  Art agreed, restating that the early episodes lacked something. Will it be enough to get a second season renewal?? Speaking of second season, we start to speculate what teh cliffhanger might be, and will we see an army of 500 Darian’s?

The next episode is Det. Stahl centric. Should be good.

Stay tuned for more excitement in the world of JJ Abrams.

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