JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #044 for Almost Human 1.11 – Disrupt

AlmostHumanDisruptArticle on Almost Human episode order

Episode order – from IMDB

1 Pilot (1)

2 Skin (5)

3 Are you Receiving?(6)

4 The Bends (7)

5 Blood Brothers (8)

6 Arrhythmia (3)

7 Simon Says (10)

8 You Are Here (2)

9 Unbound (9)

10 Perception (4)

11 Disrupt (11)

12 Beholder (12)

13 Straw Man (13)

“Disrupt” had a rating of 1.7 in the overnights.  Will it be enough for a renewal?

If it wasn’t clear in prior episodes, Rudy is a complete pervert.  Be careful when you go on vacation, your co-workers may start spreading stories about you.

I think we have the reveal of how season one will end. What will be the significance of the memory of the child in bed with the train? We had no dialog from any MX this week.

Stay tuned for more excitement in the world of JJ Abrams.

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