JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast #21 for Revolution 1.20 – The Dark Tower

Art, Karen & Leo LaporteWell… we have reached the end of the season, and Randall really went out with a bang! Did the season ending  cliffhangers work for you?  Will the solution the the ICBM’s be to reactivate the nanites.  As Karen predicted, Nora bit the dust in this episode.  Art already knew she had the lead in a new series named S.I.L.A slated for 2014.  Who will play the President of the United States in season 2?  Is there still a possibility of a Monroe/Miles reconciliation? Did anyone notice the small child with Prescilla?   Yea, we met Leo Laporte today at his studios in Peteluma, CA.

What shows or films Of JJ Abrams would you like us to review this summer?  Let us know!!!


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