JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast for Revolution 2.03 – Love Story

dollar_bill_showing_new_world_order A shoutout to the big movie of  1970 “Love Story” opens the show.  “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”, but not in this episode.  We discuss the love between Titus and Jessica, Miles and Rachel, and Aaron and Cynthia. Karen speculates a romance between Monroe and Charlie, while Art does a spittake on that one.  Art thinks a bromance between Miles and Monroe is more likely. The tag line for the next episode is “The truth will come to light”.

We think this was the official good-bye to Kim Raver on Revolution, but she will reprise her role in 24 when it returns to the Fox Network in summer 2014.

Why was Jessica being treated for renal failure in a men’s room?  Is Aaron just an agnostic jew from Minnesota? Is the new US government really a front for the illuminati? In season one, did we see Flynn’s ring?

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