JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast for Revolution 2.13 – Happy Endings

Aaron gets some old time religion
Aaron gets some old time religion

Aaron gets a bit of that ol’ time religion in this last episode before the Winter Olympics.

Almost Human final five season one episodes through March 3.  Bones moves back to Monday.

Is Charlie pregnant with Connor’s child? Is Rachel pregnant with Miles’s child? A whole lotta shaking goin’ on in this episode.

We were impressed that the Neville’s could travel from Washington DC to Texas in five days.

Doesn’t everyone know that the movie “The Notebook” is kryptonite for men?  Nice recovery by Rachel naming “Evil Dead II” as an appropriate drive-in movie.

In the next episode, we do discover the secret of the nanites.  Will the Olympic break be the nail in the coffin for Revolution?

Stay tuned for more excitement in the world of JJ Abrams.

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