JJ Abrams Rewind Podcast for Revolution 2.17 – Why We Fight

revolutionwhywefightAt recording time, a rumor had surfaced that Revolution would be off until April 16 from the original April 2.  NBC has not confirmed this as yet, but we discuss why this may not be a bad thing.

A very brief discussion on the recent episode of Believe.

The old Monroe is back.   We discover Gene has had some action after the death of his wife.  We also discover that Charlie was named after her grandmother.

Two characters depart this week, one on and one off camera.

We have now had several episodes in a row where Charlie comments that She does not expect to be around long.  A foretelling?

The preview for the next episode has the tagline: One of your favorites pays with their life. Who is it??  Our guesses:

Karen: Rachel, Charlie, Gene, Priscilla

Art: Gene, Connor, Jason

 Or will it be someone else.

Stay tuned for more excitement in the world of JJ Abrams.

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