JJARP #013 for Revolution 1.13 – The Song Remains the Same

boybandbashrevolutionUtopia – a world free from boy bands.  However Lionel Richie is alive and well.

Art and Karen discuss the secret behind the power loss on this episode of the podcast.  Are we seeing some of the pre-blackout Tom? Should our electrical impulses be absorbed by the nanobots? Why has Charlie gone back to the crossbow? Is Miles (gasp) Charlie’s father? What type of exit will Julia have now that we think she is not keen on leaving her comfortable lifestyle? We see a few theme in this episode that are repeated from prior episodes. We discuss all this and more.

Latest Star Trek: Into Darkness poster

The title of this episode is the fourth taken from a Led Zeppelin song. Prior episodes were Kashmir, Nobody’s fault but mine,  and No Quarter

Renewal put into works when season shortened by 2 episodes http://www.deadline.com/2013/04/nbc-eying-early-series-renewals/

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