JJARP #014 for Revolution 1.14 – The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

lightsgeorgiavickilawrenceArt and Karen would like to thank Vicki Lawrence for stopping by the Mrs. Beasley Omnimedia studios to perform the opening song for us. We did not get a chance to interview her.

Revolution renewed for 22 episode Season two!!

Season finale moved to June 3 as episodes were pushed out a week due to the bombing in Boston.

JJ Abrams to option Stephen King’s novel 11/22/63 for TV Series

A Neville free episode!!

What to Miles Mathison and Captain Kirk have in common? Are we seeing the old Miles returning? What will Miles do with the pendent? Will the nanites be the plot device for the rest of the series? We have a discussion on the economic differences between the Monroe and Georgia Republics. We start to speculate on the season finale.

We discussed edible batteries in this episode.  Here is a link to an article.

We also briefly discuss the next season of Falling Skies.


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