JJARP #015 for Revolution 1.15 – Home

milesemmaArt and Karen head “Home” for this weeks episode of Revolution. The past catches up with many of our heroes.  Did Aaron really think all would be forgiven when he finds Priscilla?   Once again Priscilla saves the day. At lease Aaron put up a better fight this time. Was this the close of Aaron/Priscilla story line? Was Emma not just sleeping with Monroe, but also with Miles?  Will we need Maury Povich to find out who is the daddy? We almost go two episodes before we see Neville again, and he shows up in some mighty fine threads. We expect the Tom/Miles dynamic to make for some strange bedfellows.  Did everyone let out a cheer when Miles shot Dixon. Will we see one of the two young actors who played Miles or Monroe again as the son?


Revolution revealed for episode Home. Post porduction video on what the writers were trying to get across on this episode.

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