On any other day…

On any other day, this cache would have been ignored by those who do not know of geocaching. . But because it is April 20th, the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre, suspicious looking packages get more then a second look.

On the right is a picture of the cache called “A Knight’s View. (GC1240D) This cache was place with permission of The Boulder County School district on school property. The cache owner is a instructor at Fairview High School. Normally, caches placed near public school grounds would not be approved by the local reviewer, but approval was granted for this particular cache based on the circumstances above. The cache had been at its location for two years without incident.

According to a online article in the Boulder Daily Camera, it seems to me that a lack of communication among all parties, from the cache hunter to the school officials to the cache hider, were the main contributor to the events of the day.

In geocaching, communication with those who do not play the game is critical in insuring safety for all. Because we as cachers feel a need to be elusive when ‘muggles‘ are around, we can cause suspicion as to our intent. We can jeopardize the game by not being honest with others.

Link to the Boulder Daily Camera article is here.


2 thoughts on “On any other day…”

  1. We found that cache one night and as we found it, we were surrounded by two Boulder City Police Officers that were very curious as to what we were doing. We immediately told them (and showed them) what we were doing. They enjoyed the chat and went about their business keeping our streets safe.

  2. My son and I go GEO caching often… and not just parks. I have it loedad on my iphone and wherever we are I will check it…just never know. We were at a store once and someone hid a cache in this huge redwood tree out in the parking lot. I am sure some folks thought I was nuts…but they did not see what we found. Have a great weekend.

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