Saving Your Money Podcast #003 – Happy New Year! (30:53)

Karen and Art wish everyone a prosperous and safe new year.

Eating right this holiday season has a lot of benefits

If one of your New Years Resolutions is to learn something new check out iTunes U.  Free lectures on gardening, economics and even video classes on baking.


Organizers will tell you that the best place to shop first is from your own stash. If you doubt this look to see how many things you have in your closet that are similar. Several identical white shirts and how many pairs of yoga pants or jeans do you need? Clean out a closet and save yourself some money.

If you are not going to use or wear something immediately don’t open or take the tags off of it. Particularly if you did not get a fabulous deal on the item. My daughter has a hard time finding jeans that she likes and that fit really well, when she does they are not often on sale. when they do turn up on sale ten days later the sales slip and jeans with the tags on them are very easily price matched.

Netflix,Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, Amazon Prime and premium cable stations.

Hulu Plus is limited as to content and has lots of advertisement. Hulu Plus is $7.99 a month with no contract, there are still some commercials. Current shows, movies without commercials and availability on a variety of devices including tablets iPhones.

Blockbuster 1 DVD $9.99/ 2 DVDs $14.99/ 3 DVDs $19.99 for new release movies

Amazon Prime $79.99 a year,  2 day shipping for purchases, Instant movies and TV shows, Kindle books loan ability

Netflix $7.99 a month for streaming TV and Movies



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