Saving Your Money Podcast #004 – Merry Christmas (24:42)

Christmas is but 11 months away.

Yes, its time to get ready for Christmas 2012. Getting in front of your expenditures will give you control over your financial life.

Avoid layaway – some people got lucky this year with the layaway lottery.

Pay off 2011 debt. Do those presents look as good with payments hanging over them.

Just as you have finished one holiday season, Karen and Art tell you its time to prepare for the 2012 holiday.

Look at your 2011 expenditures – count number of weeks to early November. Divide expenditures to determine how much to save each week. Physically set aside the funds, consider 6 mo CD

Examine this year’s festivities. What announcements were made, Baby on the way, Wedding, Retirement, Moving. Plan for these expenditures as well.

What type of gifts will you purchase or make for recipients holiday 2012. The situation may dictate the gift.
teen going to college
someone joining the service
moving, moving out of Mom and Dad’s place
Making gifts Plan Accordingly (that afghan is not going to be whipped up in a few days, nor are you going to want to do it in mid-July)

Purchase the perfect gifts as you go.

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