Saving Your Money Podcast #006 – Lessons From College

MortarBoardMoneySaving Your Money Podcast returns after a long hiatus. Art and Karen discuss what has gone on in their lives since the last episode. Thanks for listening.

Sending college kids back to school.

Things at college cost more
lots of cost saving if a car trip returns your son or daughter to college
Things to stock up on.
cleaning supplies
cold remedies and tissues
stationary and printer supplies
stable food items ie. instant Mac n Cheese, soup, peanut butter, cookies

Text books Amazon , Barnes & Noble and the college book store
Amazon Student offers 2 day free shipping on books (this in not Amazon Prime)
consider renting, used or ebooks instead of traditional new textbook purchase.
B&N has a college kick start package that includes access to SparkCharts, Kaplan Study strategies and Nook college survival guides.
frequently the workbooks are cheapest at the school
software is often available with discounts through the colleges and universities although not all recognize Jr and community colleges with the best discounts.

notebooks with the college logo are often overpriced. But a school calendar planner may be a good buy to keep up with the college events and dates of closures.

Meal plans are sometimes required and often a good deal. The most comprehensive meal plan including 19 meals a week (brunch and Dinner only on weekends) is a bargain over the other plans. This one allows only one card swipe per dining service (cannot share with friends) but covers all the meals. I have yet to hear of a student at any college who is completely thrilled with their meal plan but there are ways to help that. Boredom is often the complaint, I suggest that you try new foods. Just because Mom’s Meatloaf never did much for you it does not mean that the school recipe is the same. you might find you like the seasoning that you get on roast chicken on campus.
Get up early enough to eat breakfast and be sure to find a way to get all of your meals even if your class schedule is tight.
Even if you live off campus you may find a partial dining plan both convenient and cost effective

In the real world people pay big bucks to join a fitness club. Check out what is available at the athletic center or rec center on campus. Just a few games of hoops or table tennis will help to keep you alert. often there is great equipment to use, a pool or ice rink.

Campuses are known for great libraries. Sometimes multiple ones. A school with a great music or theater department may well have a great library in that area as well.

If you spent your first semester avoiding on campus activities now is your time to check them out. YOu are likely find new friends and additions to your mug and t-shirt collections.

Take advantage of school sponsored tutoring, resume assistance, job placement.

Explore the options of other schools nearby for inexpensive haircuts, food or even auto repair.

Campus sponsored concerts, plays and movies are not only great gathering places but often easy on the wallet

collect up the on campus coupon books that seem to be everywhere for big savings. It is no longer fashionable to pay full price needlessly.


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