Show #15 – The Social Side of Geocaching

Flickr Photo Set of Geocaching Colorado Geochat 2009
Chautauqua – promote geocaching
Philmont Course – Geocache and Scouting
Scout Show – request for photos of geocachers
BSA approves proposal for new GIS/GPS merit badge
We are now known as Team_CSG on our Geocaching Profile
Cliff Ravenscraft – My Crazy Life Episodes 373 & 374
NIght Geocache done in the daytime
New Garmin Oregon Models leaked
Boston MTA using GPS technology
Find Me the Movie
Spot Locator – another success story
Sat2Twitter – use your Spot device to feed location to Twitter
Will San Francisco ban flash mobs?
SXSW – blog from our Eldest Son
7th annual CITO weekend  – May 2 & 3

CITO Events in Colorado
Rock Island CITO in Falcon
3rd Annual CITO at Cheyenne Mountain SP
Bear Creek Greenbelt CITO
BlitzJeep 5th annual CITO at Boyd Lake

WWFM V – Colorado Springs – Kooky Cachers
WWFM V Riverside Splash Flash
Sax Man’s Campout (6th Annual)

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