The Falling Skies Podcast S3E1 – On Thin Ice

kinopoisk.ruArt and Karen return for season 3 of Falling Skies.  Dr Anne has her baby. Tom is the President of Charleston.  A new alien named after an Apache warrior. Pope being Pope, and Matt is growing up.  In this episode, we have listener feedback from the United Kingdom, and links to additional information. We start the season with a mole in the group.  We lose a character from last season. Are all of Evil Karen’s appearances filmed at once as she was also filming the cancelled Last Resort. The producers invested in the same technology that brought you the etrade baby. How much did Hershey’s pay to get product placement in this episode. We now have distinct names for the aliens.  No graphic novel this year, as the producers have invested in posters and mock propaganda videos.

New showrunner for season four

Wikipedia article on Cochise

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