The Falling Skies Podcast S3E10 – Brazil

falling_skies_volmThe Volm appear in spades in the third season finale.   The opening for today’s show was sung by Peter Allen.  We reach the end of season three with no real cliffhanger as we had the first two seasons.  Will we be talking about the show over the winter? The role of adolescent Lexi is played by Erika Forest.  Will we see her next season or will we have an older Lexi.  Art this this is an opportunity for Moon Bloodgood to play two roles.  Will we have Cochise next season?  Art was wrong about Lourdes dying by season end, but now wonders if she will start dating Hal?  Weaver using the term ‘concentration camp” was interesting.  We have some excellent feedback from our listeners on the Volm. The death of Evil Karen leads to a rift with Haggie.  We wish Jessy Schram well in her future endeavors

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