The Falling Skies Podcast S3E4 – At All Costs

FSPStephenCollinsStephen Collins joins the cast of Falling Skies as President of the United States this week.  However based on the ending of this episode, is he “one and done”. Also was this the last episode for General Bressler? Is Lt Fisher really a metaphor for The Fisher King? This was Moon Bloodgood’s final episode after she was ordered by her Doctor to no longer fly to Vancouver to film. Karen and Art have a frank discussion on the use of Lordes in one scene, and why was she there?  What is up with those eyeglasses? Is Falling Skies becoming a post-apocalyptic version of “Mad Men” with the number of drinking scenes? Lordes really downed that glass of wine.  Is she harboring a secret?  What will be the over/under on the number of episode sponsored by Hershey’s ? Is Dr. Kadar really that smart that he can be any type of doctor that is needed for an episode? Karen reminisces about Jill Danko, played by Kate Jackson in the show The Rookies. Is Evil Hal really Evil Karen and if so ….ewwwwww.


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