The Falling Skies Podcast S3E7 – The Pickett Line

FSPLordesbugs Falling Skies Emmy nomination for outstanding visual effects  The mole is revealed, and the house pays those who picked Lourdes.  Did anyone really see that coming? Question will revolve around how she became infected, and will she be gone by season’s end. I had hoped Stephen Collins was going to be in more then two episodes. Will the Pickett’s be the saving grace for the Mason’s? Tom, you should know better then to trust someone like yourself. it looks like we are setting up our heroes to return to the road.  What does Pope have over Maggie, and why doesn’t Maggie play her hand like she threatened to do. Spikes can be explained away as a bad case of acne. Mmmmmmm….marinara and meatballs.

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