The Falling Skies Podcast S3E8 – Strange Brew

FallingSkiesstrangebrewSo… Boston, New York, Chicago, Jacksonville. Art & Karen rate this episode as one of the top three of the series.  Did you spot all the Easter eggs in this episode?  Was Doug Jones glad to have an episode where he didn’t have to wear make-up? We get to meet “Jazz Pants”.  If you could only take one thing to remember the person you love, what would it be? Did we all cheer when Karen got shot?  This episode borrows heavily from a Christopher Nolan movie, which TNT ran right after.  We also briefly discuss the “Gaslight” reference. Art & Karen speculate what the season three cliffhanger will be. Are Anne and Lexi dead? Karen manages to tie this episode to the series “Fringe”. Were we expecting Bobby Ewing to step out of the shower? We also discuss feedback from a listener about “The Pickett Line” episode and his attempt to tie it to “The Walking Dead”

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