The Falling Skies Podcast S3E9 – Journey to Xibalba

FallingSkiesJourneytoXilbalbaSeason 4 will have 12 episodes

In this episode of Falling Skies, we learn that Tom is an accomplished sailor.  Lourdes outs herself as the mole. Seychelle Gabriel does some of her best acting of the series. Maggie and Hal patch things up.  Is Anthony scaring us by kissing grenades and having C4 on hand? Does Tom have an eye worm? If so, who will shoot him. Who will take out Evil Karen? Who will be the next overlord? Art goes out on a a limb (again) and thinks it is Dr. Anne. What will be the cliffhanger next week? Was Matt a Debbie downer or what? Dr. Kadar get to play engineer next week. Art and Karen speculate what teh season ending cliffhanger will be.


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